First day - June 16th, 2021

Forestry Investments

12 - 1:30 PM : Credentials

1:30 - 1:45 PM : Opening

The North American Market

The North American construction market is a major driver for the world’s forestry sector, including Brazil. Since its peak in 2007, that market has been going down. Can we expect it to climb back up to record levels? Or is it a tendency for the economy to go into crisis? Should the North American economy go into recession, what will the impact be for the forestry sector?

Speaker: Daniel Woiski - CEO at Solida Brasil Madeiras

1:45 - 3:30 PM

Panel 1: “Who will consume the world’s forest production in the next five years?” 
Moderator: Miguel Fabra - Investment Manager at Stafford Capital Partners

What level will the global pulp market reach?

After years of growing consumption, there was a mismatch in 2019 between production and demand due to falling pulp prices. Is that a trend for the coming years? This lecture will discuss perspectives for consumer industries in Asia, bleached and special pulp and the growing exports of wood fiber.

Speaker - Márcio Farid - Vice President - Latam Pulp and Paper Equity Analysis at J.P. Morg

Is there still space for forestry expansion in Latin America?

Brazil expects to invest over BRL 32 billion in forestry over the next four years, with several new plants built and an increase in the total area of cultivated forests. What about other Latin American nations? We will discuss the Latin American scenario and its potential for forestry growth.

Speaker: Miguel Fabra - Investment Manager at Stafford Capital Partners

3:30 - 4 PM : Coffee Break

4 - 6 PM
Panel 2: “Who will supply the world’s future demand for timber?”
Moderator: Marcelo Schmid - Director at Grupo Index


Europe has an average forested area of 41.7%, a number that has been growing in recente years. One main highlight is Finland, at 71%. But some questions worry Europeans. How will the forests currently infested by pests and prematurely harvested be absorbed by the market? How will this problem affect market dynamics?

Speaker: Pieter Oudkerk Pool - Commercial Manager and Executive Committee member at Amata

Timber production for pulp: How is the line ordered?

We’ve seen the demand for pulp growing around the world. Currently, Latin America has some projects in development, some in more advanced stages than others. Regarding raw materials costs, which project is the most interesting? We’ll also discuss the advantages of Brazil and its forestry projects.

Speaker: Lucia Basso -  Uruguay Asset Manager at LMAT Uruguay Holdings SRL

Is it viable to aim for high quality log production?

Managing forests in order to produce clean, “clear” wood has been going down in Brazil. How does the Brazilian situation compare to other producers, such as Chile, Uruguay and New Zealand? Some investors have prefered New Zealand – the world’s main producer of clear wood – instead of Brazil. Is that a trend or coincidence?

Speaker: João Mancini - Director at Valor Florestal

Producing forests aimed at wood fiber exports

Exporting logs was not an economically viable activity in Brazil, but that could be changing. What are the reasons behind that change? Wouldn’t it be better to transport timber as wood products? Can Brazil compete with Uruguay? What is the potential for adding value to wood chip exports? Can Africa threaten this market niche?

Speaker: Fernanda Salomão Hackbart - CEO at Conexxion Export

6 PM - Special talk – Macroeconomic Analysis

Theme: “What will the future of the global economy be like in the next five years?”

Speaker - Emy Shayo - Executive Directos - Brazil and Latam equity strategy at J.P. Morgan
7 PM - Cocktail

Second Day - June, 17th, 2021

Forestry Management

8:15 - 8:30 AM : Opening
8:30 - 10 AM
Panel 1: Competitiveness in the forestry sector

In a scenario of climate change and the arisal of new pests, is the competitiveness of forestry companies in Latin America threatened? Can governance and compliance affect productivity? Is the conversion of lands with forestry potential into agriculture areas a threat to the sector? What are the alternatives to reduce costs without affecting productivity?


José Artemio Totti – Forestry Director at Klabin
Douglas Lazaretti – Forestry Director for the North Region at Suzano
José Ricardo Ferraz - Director of Forestry and Industrial Operations at Duratex
Mário Sant'Anna Jr - Consultant at Berneck

Moderator: Paulo Pupo - Superintendent at ABIMCI

10 - 10:30 AM - Coffee Break
Panel 2: Research x Innovations

In order for us to have innovative research in line with the actual needs of forestry companies, universities and research institutes must act in sintony with demands as they arise. What’s the current state of those relations? What are the companies’ priorities in research? Can the Biobased Economy add value to forestry products? 


Glêison Augusto dos Santos – Science Director at the Forestry Investigations Society/SIF
Patrícia Amélia Bueno – Fundadora e Diretora Geral - Easy Hub
José Mauro Moreira - Executive Director of Forestry Portfolio at Embrapa

Moderator: José Otávio Brito - Executive Director of IPEF (Forestry Research & Studies Institution)

12 AM - 2 PM - Lunch
2 - 3 PM- Lecture

"The Forestry Sector and perspectives for the Brazilian economy in the coming years"

Speaker: Paulo Hartung - Executive President at Brazilian Tree Industry (IBÁ)

Moderator: Junior Ramires - President of the Cultivated Forests Sector Committee of the Brazilian Agriculture Ministry

3 - 3:30 PM - Coofee-break
3:30 - 5:30 PM
Panel 3: Forestry Technology

In the age of the 4.0 Forest, we’ve been witnessing constant advancements in the forestry market. Have we reached the limit for developing forestry operations? What are the knowledge gaps that could revolutionize the forestry industry? How are startups being inserted into forestry companies? What innovations are effectively making a difference in the sector? How does the sector connect technology and sustainability? How does traditional research work in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world?

5:30 - 6 PM - Discussions and Closing Ceremony
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